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Saturday nights are alright for drinking.

The cold, wintry mix of snow and rain began to descent down towards the neon lights of the city late at night. The glowing lights reflected upon the roads that lead down to various destinations of the gunk and grime. The one in particular would be a specific bar that Cobretti is searching for... hopefully still standing in the same location. He was somewhat confined in his beaten-up automobile  whilst listening to some Muddy Waters on his tape deck. The warmth through the heater made the journey somewhat bearable for him however, he was more about wanting some bourbon to warm his nerves up. It's been exactly three years since he had alcohol and now he's hungry for it, to the point where he can almost feel it flowing down his veins. After a week of coming back to the department he once was apart of, escaping the chaos for a day was like a sanctuary and he deserved as many drinks as he can. "That old bar is still standing.", Cobretti said to himself. He parked his

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