Welcoming Committee

Coming back into the fray was not an easy task. Walking down the corridors with the sound of clasping handcuffs along with the sounds of chatty authority figures hustling about made Marion feel uneasy. He tried to take no notice of it but to no avail, looked around his surroundings. The feeling of nostalgia rushed through him like a drug, just grasping at every smell, every square inch of this building made him feel like a cop again. But deep down, he was still a wreck, a criminal, a stranger to his own members of society. Coping with everything that had happened up to this point hurt his soul. Coming back here within itself was torture enough... and it was all his damn fault.

Monte lead the group down into the Captain's office but, he was nowhere to be seen.
"Where the hell is Rufus? Don't tell me he's still at lunch." Tony looked at his watch, "He should've been back by now... think he's checking on Sue's report on his way back?" Monte shook his head, "I doubt it, she's good at fact checking the stats without Rufus' help." That which is true, Sue is one the of the top tier officers of the county. Even the city of Chicago BEGGED them to send her over for a couple assignments. Marion couldn't help but sigh quietly of relief and smile knowing that some of the members he knew from years ago are still here. Clover stood there with her hands in her pockets, impatiently said, "Can we just give this bum the assignment already? Besides, I gotta get my paperwork done by seven." Monte stared down at her and sighed, "You know we can't just throw him a bone without the captain's seal of approval.", he continued to look around, "I'm going to check around. You, Tony and Marion, just stay in the office until I come back." The frustrated detective walked off. "Welp, you heard the man. Let's go in.", Tony smirked. Clover pulled her partner by the sleeve, "Tony, do I have to stay in the office? My paperwork isn't gonna work itself." Tony patted her puffy hair and smiled, "Yeah, you go ahead. Me and Marion got some catchin' up to do anyway." Clover rolled her eyes, "Thanks. I'll just watch from the sides. Motion me if he starts anything.", she continued to sneer at Marion. Tony just laughed.

The office door shut behind them as they took a seat and waited for Rufus to arrive.
"Sorry about all this, Marion. Kid's never been THIS tense with anyone ever. Had to drag her out of her paperwork just for backup purposes."
"Figured she ain't likin' newcomers that are from prison. At least that's a good thing."
"Yeah. Clover gets sour towards anybody she first encounters anyway. That's her nature."
"She a regular?"
"In and out... still haven't decided if she's going to be my permanent partner for the job."
"'In and out'?"
"I've been havin' some trouble finding a replacement that matched your expertise. I had to literally go through about twenty applicants to follow me around and work side by side for the past seven years. To be honest with you... things just weren't the same without ya around."
"If you's tryin' to make me feel better, here's a newsflash... it ain't workin'."
Tony chuckled slightly by that cold response, "Yeah... I figured as such."
The room grew silent for just a brief moment with only the sound of the radio playing quietly in the background; ironically the song (Just Like) Starting Over played. Tony looked at his watch nervously and looked at the radio. Marion just slouched slightly on the office chair and slowly closed his eyes.

Why don't we take off alone
Take a trip somewhere far, far away
We'll be together all alone again
Like we used to in the early days

Meanwhile, Clover continued shuffling through paperwork that needed to be finished by the end of the day; it was just a monthly briefing of what assignments and various training she went over during that period. She looked up out in the Captain's office window to make sure that Marion wasn't going to start trouble. She hates having to think of him as once a police officer, it didn't sit too well for her but, she had to abide by the rules. She huffed and continued working. Suddenly, a man with a sporty short auburn hair walked up to her desk.
"Hey there, sport."
Clover looked up, "Oh. Hey Henry."
Henry leaned against her desk and scanned his eyes towards her papers, "Still got that paperwork that needs finished, huh?"
She sighed, "Yeah. I would've finished it earlier if Tony hadn't dragged me along to the State Penitentiary to pick up some bum."
His eyes shot up, "Was it an ex cop that Rufus talked about earlier this morning?"
"You mean he's here? In this building?"
Clover motioned her eyes towards the Captain's office.  
Henry looked, "It's hard to see what's going on. They won't mind if I sneaked in to see them, right?"
She shrugged, "Be my guest."
"Alright. I'll catch ya later."

Author's note: So far this is what I've gotten. More of this will be coming soon. Just wanted to give you a glimpse of THIS part of the story.


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