Where Do We Begin?

It was a quiet and yet awkward drive towards the police department. Marion stayed silent in the backseat for the duration of it all, reading many long documentations of reports happening in and around the East Chicago area. Both Tony and Clover were in the front; she was in the passenger side while he was at the wheel. Clover couldn't help but turn her head and get a glimpse at the now freed convict, he returned a stone-cold stare back. She quickly averted her whole body and eyes back on the road.

"This Marion fella, he gives me the creeps.", she went over and whispered to Tony.
"Don't worry, kid. It's just your nerves. Marion wouldn't hurt a fly.", he responded.
Marion just continued reading the headlines, ignoring their bickering in the front of the car. 
Thoughts were running around his head; how is the department going to react to his abrupt absence for nearly FOUR years? What are the staff members going to say about it? Has the precinct been updated to new management due to receiving and losing federal funds? Have they been relocated? Where's he going to stay, back to the shitty motel? His old one-story home where he used to have a family of his own? So much was happening all at once. He just wished he could open the car door and run for the hills but, he knew deep inside himself that he couldn't leave his old self behind... again. Other than that, he's handcuffed to the door so, no escape.

"Hey Marion. You alright back there?", Tony asked.
Marion just nodded with his head down while reading. He couldn't face his old partner. There's just no way for him to let bygones be bygones. Tony is usually a chipper fellow, get a first look at him and you'd instantly know he's a good cop. But, somewhere in his subconscious he wanted to say more to his old partner in the front but, it's best to wait until they've reached their destination. Clover on the other hand was in an awkward spot, she looked at Tony then back at the road, looked in the back at Marion then back at the road again. It's been going on like this for almost twenty minutes.   

Marion finally spoke, "Can you get this kid to quit movin' around like a nut?"
"Takes one to know one.", she turned around in response.
"Yah annoyin' me with all that jerkin' around. I suggest ya stop."
"You can't tell me what to do, jailbait."
"Oh, ya wanna go?"
"Yeah! That is if you ain't chicken."
"I could take ya down in one punch."
"No way! You're handcuffed to the door!"
Tony just kept on driving. War of words was all it is and anxiety from the trip.
"Is this how you treat yer elders?"
"Only the ones who are troublemakers."
Tony broke in, "Kid's got a point, pal."
Clover wore a winning smile while Marion glared at Tony with a huff.
"Anyway, we're home. So I suggest you two behave once we get in."
"Okay.", the two responded at once.
The beat-up Volkswagon Rabbit was parked out where all the other police cars were located. It was out in the back of the police department where time and again, policemen flooded out of the doors to go about their duties thus, having the entire parking lot empty as a result. Tony opened the passenger door and brought out the keys to take the handcuffs off of Marion. Being out of that small, cramped car was a relief. But the stinging cold air was a different story. Winters weren't his favorite season.
"Just promise me you won't run off, alright?"
"Behavioral Status reports, remember?"
Tony nodded.
Clover jumped in, "I'll make sure to keep an eye on him anyway."
"Thanks kid but, that won't be necessary yet."
She gave a look of disappointment but still kept a close eye on Marion with a sneer.
"I ain't gonna cause trouble.", he grimaced.
"Yeah, sure."

Marion looked up at the familiar building. Thank goodness the location's still the same., he thought to himself. Then the back door opened and out came Monte the detective and a couple of police officers. The blonde-haired, glasses wearing detective walked up towards Tony and quickly looked into the convict's face.
"So, that's Marion? Couldn't tell with the beard."
"Yup. It's a common trend."
Clover chuckled and said, "He looks like a bum. Should probably shave."
Monte looked at Marion again, "Don't want to scare off the workers with THAT mug anyway."
Marion wanted to chime in but, he'd knew better than to make smart ass remarks to the detective. He'd never took a liking to Monte and Monte was never too fond of him either. It was due to conflicts of interest that backfired multiple of times; it usually was due to the fact that Marion always had a different tactic for everything. He tends to bend the rules slightly and without hesitation but by any means it didn't get people killed; but resulted for the city to pay for multiple property damages and hours of community services. Monte began to worry that the cycle could continue again. Tony went on defense for his old partner, "Come on, guys. Cut him some slack. After all he'd agreed to do this assignment temporarily. Y'know, to save OUR jobs. Right, Monte?" Marion was surprised to see Tony standing up for him. After all that time he'd left the department without telling him. Monte sidestepped Tony away from the others, "That's because I'm looking out for the department and it's workers. And 'cut him some slack'? Really? The man confessed to killing over seventy convicts. This is a BIG risk we're taking, Tony. And we have to make sure that Cobretti doesn't get carried away with turning against us for his own benefit. He may have been your partner for years but, that doesn't mean he gets a free pass from us. Not by a long shot." Tony shook his head in agreement, "I've read and reviewed the fine print. And believe me Monte, I'll keep a watchful eye on him. And I promise you, he's not going to turn against any of us in exchange for his freedom. I can assure you that much."
The stern detective hesitated, "Uhh, right. Come on, Rufus is waiting for us.", Monte motioned the gang into the doors.


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