An excerpt thingamehjig for a possible Cobra reboot. Yes.

It was nighttime out in the department, out of the shadows in a single cubicle lays out Cobra, looking at some newspaper clippings of the previously known bombing of Seattle. He didn't want to leave the area, as he had enough trouble already by both the media and his personnel, but he knew for sure he wasn't going to stay out for long. 

The room was mainly dark, a few speck of light lingers out towards the exit sign, a few yards from Cobra's cubicle. He looked down at his watch and decided to gather up his files, place them all together in his leather book bag, take a last swig of his now cold coffee, and waltz down the hallway to the parking lot. It was a little lighter out as the lot was filled with lamp posts, then he noticed a figure between his Rabbit and a Beetle.

"Hey, Cobra. What took ya so long?", his partner Tony sprinted towards him. 
"What do ya mean by that?", Cobra was confused. 
"We were wanting to take you out somewhere to celebrate...", he stopped suddenly while Cobra gave him a hard stern look.
"Ya know I can't.", Cobra walked past him to get to his car. Tony blocked him.
"Goddammit, I knew you'd chickened out again. It's the third time, man. You're still not--".
"Yeah... I'm still not in that state of mind yet. I'm not in it for a good time... at least not for the time being."
He noticed Tony is filled with disappointment written all over his face, Cobra let out a sigh.
"Look... I'd appreciate it if you let me just go home in peace. I know what you're trying to do, but it ain't gonna work out."
"I know but... we just hate to see you all by yourself with nothing but a gin in one hand and pity in the other."
Cobra gave out a small grin, "You wonder why you're my partner. Here."
He lend out a couple hundred dollar bills.
Tony stared out the money and back at him, "What's this for?"
"Save you the trouble for the roof of your car. Besides, use some of that money for your wife, alright?"
Tony shook in agreement. Cobra gave him a pat on the back and got into his car.
"See you tomorrow morning." Cobra gave a subtle but a farewell Boy Scout salute and drove off.
"Yeah." Tony was left alone, with the money in his hand, he preceded to drive out of the lot.

The late night moon was full and the streets were busy down many corners of downtown. Cobra didn't want to go home yet, he needed his fix to get his mind off of work. He had to drive further down the street out of the energetic downtown and into a more darkened area with few neon lights. The only brightly lit area was a shack-like bar called, Rockin Cocktail, a rock n roll themed bar lounge that had a huge neon sign with a rock guitar sitting in a cocktail glass. Since it was late at night, Cobra didn't want to park out front; hoodlums would take crowbars and wreck automobiles at this hour. So, he decided to park out back. He got out of his car and walked into the noisy building.

Inside, the bar is dimmed with only neon signs to short of brighten the place a little, bluesy music filling up the room from a bright jukebox, a stage neatly set with various instruments, only to be left with one person tinkering with a synthesizer, and a bartender named Don, wiping up the counter. An interesting character; left with an eyepatch in his right eye, balding with only what's left of his grey hair working down on his beard, wearing a traditional old timey white suit with a black bow tie, and is smoking what could be a very expensive cigar.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite consumer. It's been a while since your face has shown up here."
"It's nice to be welcomed for once." Cobra grinned.
"So, how's life been treatin you? I'm gonna have to guess... not so good."
"Heh, you're right about that. Usual goings on."
"Yeah, goings on. Took a shine on your attempt of stopping a criminal on the freeway this morning."
Cobra looked down at his hands and sighed. He didn't want to be reminded of that stunt that got him chewed out by the precinct.
"Y'know, keep this up, you'll end up dead or out of the job. But, you know...", he didn't know how to end that sentence. Instead, he just gave him a shrug and handed him a beer.
Cobra took a swig and responded with a chuckle, "Don, you're repeating yourself like a broken record." As he always gets told how he might get killed in some freakish accident or left without another job.
Don grinned, " Yup. I was gonna mention that."
"Even if I was out of this occupation, I'd--"
"Still be lookin fer trouble."
Cobra took another swig of his mug.
"From a veteran cop to another; you need a vehicle more sturdier to climb on."
"Can't argue with that."
Don looked out in the distance and sighed with wonderment, "If I was younger again; I'd love to do the same stunts as you. How times have changed."
Cobra finished off his first mug and smirked, "That's awfully nice of ya, but I don't think you'd keep up."
Don took his mug to refill and laughed, "I wouldn't count on that!".
Cobra noticed a new decoration that was mounted over the bar stools, a nicely shiny blue arch top guitar, possibly from the fifties.
"Nice guitar ya got up there. Where'd you got that from?"
Don looked up at it, smiling. "Well, I had this thing a while back. I'm thinking about a decade ago, when I bought this building. It was lying out there.", he pointed out the stool that nearing the end of the bar to the door.
Don then went close to Cobra and whispered, "I believe it's from Chuck himself."
"Chuck?", Cobra was puzzled.
"Chuck Berry."
Cobra stared at him, thinking he's gone mad. Then asked, "Why would he just leave his guitar out in a shack like this and not realizing it was missing? Could've been an important thing to not forget.".
"I'm telling ya, it is his."
"If ya say so, Don. I ain't gonna argue with ya."
Don handed him another full mug and continued cleaning up the counter.
"So, I'm guessing you've got plans after this?"
Cobra just smirked and shook his head.

Several hours and several drinks later, Cobra left the bar and into his automobile. He grabbed his keys to get it to unlock but, with his drunkenness, he has a bit of trouble getting in. "C'mon, get in there.", the keys dropped to the ground. "Dammit.", Cobra defeated, reached down to grab the keys. He then heard a scream out in the alleyway. 
"Goddammit.", he sighed and clumsily runs towards to where the sound takes him, leaving his keys behind. Through the damp and darkened alleyway, he encountered a single hoodlum terrorizing a woman, pinning her to the brick wall.
"If ya don't give me a show, then I'll hafta force ya by stripping ya naked!", a bulky man in leather with chains loose around him put a knife to her throat. 
"Please let me go! Here's some money.", the blonde woman shakily hands her wallet to the man.
"Fuck the money! I want a show!!", he then proceeds to rip off her blouse.
"Hey ya big ass brute! How's about I give ya a show?", a voice shot out behind the giant.
The menacing giant slowly moves his head around, and was face to face with Cobra.
"Who the hell are you gettin in my business?!"
"The one who's gonna stop you and your infested activity doin harm to innocent bystanders."
The giant then notices a smell that reeks alcohol on the man. He then gives out a laugh.
"Ahhh, just a lowly drunk wanting trouble. Get outta here and crawl back in your cardboard box."
Cobra pulls out his shiny colt .45 pistol, giving the man a bit of a scare.
"What kind of drunk are ya?! I said scram or you'll get trouble!"
"You don't know what I am, do ya?", Cobra's poker faced look stares out trouble for the confused giant.
Cobra then moves closer, pointing his gun to the man's neck.
"Let the woman go or you'll get your final breath in this pitiful alleyway."
The giant just stared at the drunken gunslinger, thinking he's only bluffing. 
"You're fuckin funny, aren't ya? Get outta he--"
Then, a click of the gun at the ready stopped him.
"I'm tellin ya now, brute. Let. Her. Go. Now."
Shakily, the giant let the scared woman go and walked slowly into the shadows. Cobra proceeded to follow suit, leaving the woman in a confused mess. The giant thug notices the policemen sprinting towards him. He stopped, "I let the woman go, what else do ya want?!". Cobra just stares into the giant's bloodshot eyes and says nothing.
"C'mon man, I did what you told me. Leave me alone."
"Ya didn't leave the poor woman alone. You're not off the hook."
The giant is losing patience quick, "Ya want some trouble then?!"
The policemen shook his head, "Once a hooligan, always a hooligan."
"The fuck ya just said?!", the giant monster walks towards the gunslinger.
"Don't ya fuckin move an inch, scumbag!", Cobra snarled as his gun is drawn at the thug.
"You're not gonna shoot me ya lousy--"
BANG! The bullet ran into one of his kneecaps.
"AHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!", the giant collapsed onto the ground, writhing in pain.
Cobra quickly dragged the man next to a rusty water pipe and handcuffed him.
"Don't wanna put you in my car, ya know. Don't want blood all over my seats.", he then knelled down by the thug and took out a black marker.
"Ya son of a bitch!! You're a cop?!"
"Hold still, will ya?!", the cop wrote a note on his forehead.
The giant was painfully confused at what the policemen wrote.
"What did ya write on me?!"
"Ain't gonna tell ya. The police will find out once they find ya screamin like that.", Cobra got up and walked back to his car.
"Ya gonna leave me like this?!"
Cobra looked back with a grin, "Yeah."
The defeated thug cursed unintelligently.


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