Hello, I'm the one with the Clem Burke, or Wookie, or Cobra, getting hammered.

Hello, I'm using an Arial font. Really original, right?

Whatevs, my name is of no importance, just call me by what my gigolo names me, Rawrvintageisclassic. Okay, that's a lie. Well, except my name...urm, my art gallery name.
I'm a twenty-something cunt who draws, works for a living at a retail shop, watches mainly underground b-movies and/or action movies, I bike around a town full of weirdos, and listen to new wave music on wax (if you've ever heard of Visage, I wanna shake your hand.).

This blog is mainly a bunch of stuff that's on my agenda; everything that I have addressed on what I'm about. I'm not looking to pick a fight, or look for fame, I'm just wanting to share my interests to you, the fellow internet dweller. 

Oh, and speaking of you:
Hehehe, surprise!

Not impressed? Here:

Surprise. And don't worry, I'll post some more of my art daily.
Anyway, I'll crept into my sleeping bag and slumber all night (though I already had my coffee fix.).


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