An excerpt to Marion "Cobra" Cobretti.

I feel Marion Cobretti needs a more, three dimensional approach. So here's some ideas to what and how he fits into the environment and various people involving the story. Some of which would take place outside of Chicago in the year 1982; Cobra looked to me a big city toughie out in a place like that. It will all involve in the same formula; bad guy causes trouble, gets caught by a rogue cop but, many characters will need some fleshing out to make it more than just an action-type story-arc.   

"Okay, we'll make sure that we got this covered...oh no...", Monte stopped for a brief moment and saw a solitary figure walking towards the meeting room. Everyone fell silent, expect one who asked Monte, "Who's this clown?". He sighed, "This is Lieutenant Cobretti. And he shouldn't be interrupting our situation." 
Marion Cobretti, or Cobra, looked as if he stepped out of the fifties, dressed in a black shirt, a black leather jacket with the embroidered symbol of a skull with two guns on the back and one skull on the right side of his sleeve, tight denim jeans, black leather boots, aviator shades, and a matchstick he chews on daily. He stared down at the annoyed detective.
"Cobretti, what do you want?", Monte turned to look at the solid policemen.
Cobretti responded, "I need a new assignment. I've been waitin for a good week. And frankly, I'm gettin tried of-- is that a chase out on the freeway?" 
Monte blocked the television, "This is my assignment. Just go and bitch about it to the police chief, I don't care. Just as long as you butt out of my business." 

Cobretti gave out a huff and walked past the irritated detective and out of the meeting room.
One of the colleagues went over to him, "I don't think we've ever seen him before. Is he from a special group or just a bum wanting a job?"
"Oh, I wish he was a bum but, no. He's an elite member of the Zombie Squad."
"Sounds pretty stupid.", the man rolled his eyes and continued on his work.

Don went up to Cobra and handed him a piece of paper, which was a cocktail napkin. "Forgotten about this?" Cobra looked and it read, I O U 212.63, "Aww shit, man. Lemme see...", he reached for his various pockets; from his leather jacket to his pocket pants. All he could find were three one dollar bills, several arcade tokens, and an extra car key for his Mercury, which he put right back in his pocket. "That's all I got for ya, Don buddy. My paycheck's in a few days, can ya wait fer it when it comes?" Don shook his head, "No. Sorry, pal. I need the money by tomorrow. The electric and water bill ain't gonna pay themselves." Then, he went over to the backroom and handed Cobra his guitar case. "Looks like you gotta be payin me back with a one-night only performance." Cobra sighed and opened up the case and out come an archtop black as night guitar with metal trimmings at the bottom and on it, a cobra on a white pick guard. "Anybody else gonna perform with me up there?", nobody was in on it. Don laughed, "Well, looks like it's only you. Earn me a livin, will ya?" Cobra groaned. The rough policemen finished his drink and walked up to the podium with his guitar in one hand and the metal tube in the other. His rugged face looked towards the small crowd of drunks in the dimmed atmosphere of the bar. Cobra then looked behind him and took a seat of the bar stool next to the microphone. He still had his leather glove on his right hand but, his left hand was exposed to the neck of the guitar with a tube worn on his index finger. Nobody in the crowd looked at the gunslinger as they were paying more attention to themselves. Cobra began to stomp his foot to the rhythm and the loudness that echoed drawn their attention. He began to play his guitar in a heavy bluesy rhythmic tone as his fingers slide up and down the neck to the change of notes. His face went towards the microphone with the match hanging down his mouth and began to yell out in his raspy singing voice, "Welllllll!! This world has gone mad, I'm gonna have to go away! Yeeaaahh, this world has gone mad! I'm gonna have to go away! Ooohhhh, ya know I can't live here no more, baby! This ain't a place for me to stay!"  
Cobra's torn up soliloquy echoed out of the building and onto the dirty streets in the cold night.

Cobra went back into his apartment with his head hanging down in agony. He took the stairs but too much of the blows he's gotten made him lose balance. He proceeds to make it to his room, barely. He covered his face and ran towards the bathroom to reach the toilet. He vomited violently full of blood and traces of alcohol, his whole body was aching and twitching as if his whole insides were about to explode. He clumsily went to the sink and looked in the dirty mirror. The bloodstained cop noticed his bruised and battered face looking back at him. He grabbed a towel to wipe himself up and spat some blood into the sink. He proceeded to walk towards the ruined living room and sat upon the sofa. He wanted to find his companion but to his dismay, remembered Bravo was violently killed by the man he encountered a few days ago. Cobra couldn't help but weep quietly, he's all alone again in the dark, cruel world of his own madness. He took out his pistol and pointed it to his head, his hands were shaking violently. How he wanted to end his life so badly, too much problems of the world were just getting worse as his life was slipping by his fingers. His finger was at the ready on the trigger, he pulled it but, it just made a snap and nothing happened. He realized his gun was out of bullets.
"Oh God...", he dropped his gun and buried his face in his hands. 
He just sat there on the same spot into the darkness... sobbing to his heart's content.
The lonely mangled policemen continues living his life in shambles with no happiness to be found...only death and sadness seems to follow.
... the city lays quiet for that one night...

"Wanna have me do something crazy?", Cobra looked at Alice with a smile. She was confused as to what he meant by that. He took out the lights and placed them on top of the muscle bound beast. "What are you going to do?", she looked out the window. "You'll see... buckle yourself up.", he revved up the engine, turned on the sirens and sped out of the busy street and into the huge abandoned parking lot of a drive in. He looked back at his beloved and noticed her arms were up in the air. "Stick your head out the window! Feels great with the wind in your face!" Alice stuck her head out and started to laugh with joy in her face. They proceeded to drive through the empty lot to what seemed like forever with only the sound of the sirens ringing into the dusky sky.
The stars came out earlier than usual. The headlights of the Mercury were shining into the darkened distance with Cobra and Alice laying together in the backseat. 
Alice snuggled her head down next to Cobra and quietly whispered, "I don't know how you manage to make it without going crazy." Cobra looked back at her hazel eyes and with a chuckle said, "Guess I'm used to it." He slowly kissed her lips and turned the headlights of the car off. Outside was pure silence except for the noise inside the Mercury, the fogged up windows proved that with the sound of their love making. 

Cobra didn't want to take Carol out in the town to do some patrolling. He didn't deal with new people in his line of work, especially woman, he felt they just get in the way. The young rookie stared at the rough policemen as he was staring out on the road. He couldn't help but face back at her, there she still stared back at him without a blink of her light green eyes. "Why ya starin at me for?", he was annoyed. She didn't say anything and continued to stare right into his sunglasses. Cobra went back staring at the road, "Strange woman I'm dealin with." The quietness inside the car was too much for Cobra to handle, which got him more annoyed. Without hesitation, he had to break the silence with a question, "Took a good look at the station?" Carol blinked and asked, "Why do you dress up like that?"
Cobra raised an eyebrow that wasn't shown under the shades, "What?"
"Looks like you're trying to prove that you're some badass cop under those ridiculous clothes. Why?" Cobra gave a blank expression, he was never asked this question before, "I ain't tryin anything to be a badass... it just so happens to be my regular clothes."
"What's with the matchstick then?"
"I intimidate people with it. Keep em guessin. And... it's my substitute to quit smokin. Any other questions ya wanna ask?"
Carol looked out on the dashboard, "No."
"Huh.", Cobra decided to turn on the radio to reduce the silence.
The sound of the radio was playing some oldies but goodies but, quickly turned to static. The airplay out in the abandoned town wasn't great, especially out of Calumet Metro. "Damn. They're playin my favorite too.", he cursed.
He decided to play some of his cassettes instead. 
"Do ya mind if I--- what am I sayin.", he put the cassette in and turned up the volume.
Carol just looked out of the window, out in the distance were nothing but empty vacant lots and out the distance a steel mill factory in the works. She didn't like this place at all, she didn't like being in the same car as Cobra, she sighed and just looked on. Cobra looked back at her and turned down the volume a bit, "We're gonna park out to the empty drive thru lot over there. I gotta see if I can get some signal on the scanner."
He parked his Rabbit patrol car out in the abandoned lot next to the burger shaped building that had boarded up windows and bullet holes everywhere. He pulled out his .45 and placed it on top of the dashboard. Carol pulled out her magnum, checked her bullets, and clicked the pistol at the ready. "This is Lieutenant Cobretti, over. I'm out in the empty lot out in Hemingway Avenue. No signs of criminal activity, not yet anyway. We'll keep an eye out." 
Unbeknownst to the two patrol officers however, someone out in one of the abandoned houses was watching their every move. 

"How'd you get into this whole routine of being a police officer anyhow?", Alice asked while looking down at her dusty red high heels. Cobra looked at his police badge and chuckled, "My old man got me into bein this way. Somethin I didn't wanna do before." She blinked, "You didn't want to be a cop at first? Was your father a cop?" 
"Yup, same with his father and so on. Y'know what I wanted to be more than anything?" 
"What's that?"
"I wanted to be a doctor. But, of course, my old man didn't like that choice. He thought I'd flunk outta medical school or get sick from seein human guts everywhere."
"I guess you had no choice then?"
"Nah. He had his ways. He gave me an ultimatum after I graduated high school. See, he gave me a Mercury Coup as a gift but the catch was to go straight to the police academy, since he saved up all of his money for me to go. But if I didn't go, he'd get rid of the car. I was actually thinkin that the money was for medical school; I've spent my money on medical books, just studyin anatomy and surgical procedures. But..."
"But here you are."
"Hmmm, yeah. Guess you're stuck with a policemen."
"I like that."
The two of them exchanged kisses and continued on walking downtown.


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