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Saturday night is alright for an interlude.

The time was now two in the morning and many of the remaining customers were quick on their feet to unpack the bar. Don greeted them all out the door, “Alright, Harold. Take care, Irvin. Woah! Watch out for that last step, Tom. C'mon c'mon c'mon, Bruiser. There ya go!" One man by the name of 'King' asked the bartender while looking at Cobretti, "Ya gonna have this guy perform every Saturday night?" Don shrugged, "There's a chance he might be interested." He looked to the musician cop, "What'd ya think, Cobretti?! Might give these guys a show next week?!" Cobretti also shrugged, "Just happened to be in the neighborhood." King smiled, "That's some good blues chops fer a guy who just walked in. Keep it up. Anyway, see ya Don." the bartender grinned, "See ya soon, King." As everyone left the building, Don closed the entrance door and locked it. "... King eh?" "Don't get too e

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